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Deja Boo Ambassador Program

Join the Deja Boo Crew and become a Brand Ambassador!

At Deja Boo, we believe that our passionate supporters are the key to our success. For those who live and breathe Halloween 24/7, 365 days a year, we want to join you in celebrating the spookiest season. That's why we've created the Deja Boo Ambassador program, where devoted Halloween enthusiasts can become part of our eerie influencer cast, sharing the most unique Halloween props and products available exclusively through Deja Boo!
As an ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to select one of our super scary, movie-quality Halloween masks and review it for your friends and followers on social media. 
That's not all! Ambassadors will also receive a personalized referral code to share with their followers, granting them a discount on purchases while earning a percentage of the profits generated from each order placed using their unique referral code.

Join our spine-chilling team of Deja Boo Ambassadors by signing up here or below! Explore our exclusive collection of realistic, spooky, and downright scary Halloween masks, perfect for adult men and women's Halloween costumes.


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