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Product Highlight: UFO Alien Encounter | Premium Movie FX Mask

Product Highlight: UFO Alien Encounter | Premium Movie FX Mask

Deja Boo is proud to present our first product highlight, featuring our very own UFO Alien Encounter Mask. This alien prop fit for any adult alien costume is constructed out of high quality latex which creates a realistic extra-terrestrial look that will take your alien cosplay to the next level. Whether you are looking for an alien costume for woman or for man, this realistic movie quality FX mask will simply make you look out of this world! You can check out more about our realistic premium movie quality alien FX Mask here! 

See what our our customers are saying about this realistic adult alien mask! Check out this full review and more on our Etsy store here!

"Just got my Alien Encounter Mask, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product. The mask arrived incredibly fast and communication from the seller is impeccable.  While on higher end, this is a premium product that is a great value for the price- it really is movie quality and looks extremely realistic. Most importantly, while latex is thick the mask felt super comfortable while wearing it ( I can breath and see perfectly). Looking forward to wear this for all my upcoming Halloween parties!" 

See our highly rated, realistic alien encounter mask in action! 

Watch our 5 star adult realistic alien mask used here in our "How To Prank Video" series!

 You can find this mask, along with all our Halloween 2021 Exclusive Masks, featured on our YouTube page for your viewing pleasure.

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