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Product Highlight: Split Face | Realistic, Scary Halloween Skull Mask

Product Highlight: Split Face | Realistic, Scary Halloween Skull Mask

Deja Boo is proud to present our latest product highlight, featuring our very own Split Face Halloween Skull Mask. This realistic halloween scary skull mask is perfect for any adult halloween costume. The scary skeleton movie quality mask is constructed out of high quality latex which is guaranteed to scare all your friends and family at your next Halloween party.  You can check out more about our realistic premium movie FX quality Split Face Halloween Skull Mask here! 

See what our our customers are saying about this realistic adult alien mask! Check out this full review and more on our Etsy store here!

"Far exceeded expectations for the price! At this price, I’m usually setting my expectations pretty low. When I first got this mask I put it on and was surprised at how well it fit and how well I could see. This is one of the more comfortable masks I’ve used and certainly left an impression! The material is as thick as my more expensive masks and I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mask. Overall for the money, this is a GREAT buy. If I had a budget of under $50 to buy a premium mask this would be the one I would recommend! It's scary unique, REALISTIC, and visually looks like something straight out of a horror movie. Seems like it's only available through Deja Boo’s Halloween Etsy Store and on www.DejaBoo.Store as a 2021 exclusive, so you better get your hands on one soon. I imagine these masks will sell out FAST!

See our highly rated, realistic alien encounter mask in action! 

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